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This is the Classic Whiskey Smoker.

This is the Classic Whiskey Smoker. It is made of Red Oak. I didn’t invent the whiskey smoker, I just made it better. Truth be known, the reason I got into making whiskey smokers is because I found that the “smoking wood chips” that everyone on the market was offering is simply saw dust, and I knew I could make a better smoking material. Please check out our Smoking Wood Chips section. If you buy one of these, you will need some of those . These smokers can make a bad whiskey taste better, and make a good whiskey taste GREAT. It can also be used for flavoring other alcoholic beverages, and with a domed glass cover, can be used for smoking meats and cheeses. Your company logo can be engraved on the red oak lid, making it an excellent marketing tool to promote your business. Glass not included. Finish can be stained with clear coat finish, clear or tinted shellac. Please specify on order.

$40.00 each

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